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N. A. W. O. L.  NEWS

Vol. I, Ed. 4, Mar., 2008

Below is an email that I received after sending out the last newsletter in Dec. We are posting it in some way shows the magnitude and importance of our project here at NAWOL. As well the effect our work is has had on some members of Narcotics Anonymous.

“Thanks for the newsletter and for the service Lester.

“To the best of my knowledge there are two "wolf group" members here in SA (sounds like a boy scout thing!) and I am not proud to say that, despite my admiration for the work, I have not been active or effective. I'm sticking around though! 

“While I have not been able to contribute to the development of the work be assured that it is passed on … my sponsees and others are familiar with it and many find it as useful a guide as I.

“Thanks again and more strength to y'all.”

Mark J.
Johannesburg. South Africa

As many of you already know the 2008 form of The N.A. Way of Life is now on our website at and is available for free download or  a review copy may be purchased by using the 2008 order form which can be found by clicking on  the Review Forms Available  at>/ link.  Some of the errors in punctuation and spelling from the old form have been carried over to the new form so any help in proof-reading would be greatly appreciated. Some of our NAWOL groups are currently working on this but they need all of the help they can get. 

I got clean in Narcotics Anonymous almost 22 yrs ago. My clean date is July 2, 1986. Most groups at that time were using the 3rd ed. of our Basic Text. We did not have available the lit resources that our fellowship now has. I found myself on nearly every page of our Basic Text and it changed my life forever.  It was not until the fall of 1998 that I was to discover NAWOL. This came about as a result of my getting my first computer and then searching for everything I could find that was Recovery related and the God of my understanding allowed me to find NAWOL. It was like getting clean all over again. Once again I was finding myself in the Pages of this new literature.  Life situations that I once struggled with now had answers that were both clearer and more detailed. Since that time my belief in new recovery literature that is written by the addict and for the addict in an open participatory process has continuously grown. I still use   The N.A. Way of Life in my recovery as well as pass it on to those that I am privileged to sponsor. Today I like to envision a time when addicts' world wide will know of our recovery and our writings about recovery even if they do not have access to the Internet. Only we the recovering addicts of NA can make this happen.

Lester O.

NAWOL would like to wish big congratulations to Tarah King and Chris Keeley on their upcoming wedding.

Chris is a long time supporter of our work at NAWOL. He is also a Licensed Social Worker and  Professional Photographer and his work can be viewed at .

Christopher K., LICSW Mar 17, 2008

KO MAUA LA MALE 'ANA (Our Wedding Day) 11.08.2008

The wedding will held at the stunning location of Red Rock Country (Crescent Moon Park) Sedona, Arizona. The ceremony will be conducted by Uqualla Native American Shaman from Havasupai Nation meaning "People-Of-The-Blue-Green-Waters". Uqualla begins the ceremony with invocation to the elements of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and to the East, South, West, and the North winds. A drumming signals celebration. The couple comes forth and the wedding rings are purified through an infusion of sage and prayer. Uqualla blesses the union of husband and wife with an array of ritual gestures. He makes the traditional offering chant and the heart beat of the drum to the four cardinal directions and a final chanting seals the union. We feel that having a Native American wedding ceremony is a unique, powerful, spiritual and moving way to begin our married journey life together. Sedona is also a sacred palace to many Native Americans Nations, which makes Sedona also the perfect place to experience a genuine Native American wedding. We both have always respected the Native American cultures and their beliefs. With our families and close friends by our side supporting our union together, makes the whole experience even more meaningful.


I recently  had a talk with Bo S. and was informed that the 2008 form of The NA Way of Life Book  11" x 8.5” is now available in Print in both  soft cover and hardback. Next we are preparing a *8"x 5.5". For Information and the purchase of either of these please visit our website at .

Another one of our supporters sent an old (un-approved) 4th step Guide submitted to the World Service Conference Literature Committee that he would like to see passed on to the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.  Because this is unrelated to NAWOL in the spirit of cooperation it is enclosed as a seperate attachment.

We would also like to give a big to our members in Conneticut who keep sending in edits and are also looking at starting another group. Since our last Newsletter I have received about 7 or 8 request from addicts wishing to be added to our mailing list. We are now sending this newsletter out to 80 + members. We are indeed growing. If you know of anyone who would like to receive this newsletter please have them send an email to me.

Yours in Loving Service

Lester O. <

The magic of NA unity is clear when we see our desire for recovery reflected in others. When this occurs - we see, we understand, and we are one. This is the strength of our unity.

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