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N. A. W. O. L.  NEWS

Vol. I, Ed. 6, June, 2008

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 My Sponsor tells me that writing will change your life forever, more so if your are involved with a project as
grand as one such as writing new Recovery Literature that is written by the addict and for the addict, such as 
The NA Way of Life
; TRADITIONS WAR: a pathway to peace; NA Twenty Plus and The Spirit of NA. I was not around when our Basic Text was written but I have had the privilege to meet and talk to several addicts did
get to participate in the writing of our Basic Text and they all talk about how being apart of its making was a life-changing event for them. They talk of the unity that came about in working together on one giant Twelfth Step.

The Spirit of Writing

(A Healing Process)

(Excerpted from the Spirit of Narcotics )

While still in the healing process following a decade that consisted of a marriage and divorce coupled with the deaths of my daughter and step-daughter the God of my understanding opened some doors for me that allowed me to go to OCNA XIX in July 1991 to participate in a workshop on dealing with Grief in Recovery.

While at the convention another door was opened when I was given the privilege of meeting Roy Drum (now deceased) from PA. Having seen archives of our history I recognized the name and knew a little about his involvement with the writing of our Basic Text. His name appears on all of the attendance sheets for the workshops that produced our Basic Text and his story (Why Me, Why Not ME) can be found in Chapter 19 our Basic Text, 3rd Edition.

Over the course of the weekend I was given several opportunities to converse with Roy and on one of these occasions he told me about an NA meeting in Youngstown, Ohio that was a writing meeting. He went on to explain the meeting format to me.

At the beginning of the meeting, the chairperson names a topic and then for the next 15 minutes everyone present writes down whatever there thoughts on the topic may be and then they go around the room and everyone reads what they wrote. Next, if time permits they will discuss what was read and at the end of the meeting everyone is given the opportunity to either submit their writings of not. Submitted writings are then forwarded to another writing group to add to their stockpile of topics or directly to World Services to add to their archives of future lit. Material. From talking to Roy I was left with the impression that some of the material became our Basic Text was generated in this matter.

I have since come to believe that the true Spirit of N.A. can be found in the writings of Addicts in Recovery as they travel along this journey called Life. Our Experience, Strength and Hope are reflected our testimonials and what we write down leaving behind a legacy of recovery that will continue to carry the massage to addicts not yet born long after our individual demise.

While I am still on the topic of writing, I am reminded of another one of our members; Greg Pierce (also deceased) who wrote a good part of our Basic Text. About two years prior to his death I was allowed the privilege of hearing him speak a t Western State’s Learning Day in Portland, OR. One of the things that stand out the most in my mind today is how much he stressed the importance of committing our Recovery Journey to Paper so that our legacy as a Recovering Addict may live on long after we are gone still carrying a message of hope that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.

Lester O.

What little involvement that I have had with participating in Projects of the NA Way of Life Foundation has already enriched my life immensely. It has opened doorways for my own personal recovery form addiction. Most of all it has literally allowed my life to be touched by 100’s of recovering addicts from around the world and I thank my Higher Power today for the experience, strength, and hope that each and every one of you has given me making my life more rewarding than I could have ever dreamed possible.

Lester O.

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, “Our dream is to hold a week long super-conference to include hundreds of addicts supporting this book and the others we are working on. It will be designed to evaluate and hopefully complete the work.”  We feel that the Way of Life Book in and of itself is about as complete as we can get it and is now ready for the prep stage in which it can be reviewed with corrections in grammar and punctuation being made so as to ready the book for this final workshop hopefully one in which we can gather as many of our fellowship as possible to review our work for approval. This will open the door for us to begin work on our other projects, Tradition War: A Pathway to Peace, NA Twenty Plus, and The Spirit of NA.

In order to accomplish this task we need volunteers to review and edit either by the chapter or by section. Some of you have already volunteered but have not yet let me know what chapter or section you are going to do so that I can keep track of who is doing what. I do know that we have a group in Connecticut that has volunteered to do the entire section on our principals.

Below is a copy of the Index.  If you wish to be apart of this review, please pick a chapter or section and let me know what you picked so that I can keep track.  

We don't need money or permission to do this work. Our Fellowship stresses our complete, creative freedom. We don't need outside guidance - God gives us plenty. What we need is you, as a willing NA member, to show your concern in positive ways by sending in your input and showing up at our conferences to help process all the input. Only members can do this well.


Pledge, Preface, Introduction

Section One: Orientation

Chapter 1
 NA Society

Chapter 2
Disease Concept

Chapter 3
Power Greater than Ourselves

Chapter 4
Spiritually Clean

Chapter 5
Personality Change

Chapter 6
 Recovery Process

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
 Learning to Live

Chapter 9
Personal Responsibility

Section Two: Issues

Chapter 10
Emotional Pain

Chapter 11
Loneliness and Reaching Out

Chapter 12
Getting Over Abuse and Neglect

Chapter 13
Bitter Ends - New Beginnings

Chapter 14
When it gets Tough

Chapter 15
Life Threatening Illness

Section Three: Applications

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18
Gender and the Message

Chapter 19
Youth in Recovery

Chapter 20

Chapter 21
Midlife Crisis

Chapter 22

Chapter 23
Compulsive Spending


Section Four: Evidence

Chapter 24

Chapter 25
History & Origins

Chapter 26

    I will be doing  Ch. # 25  Lester

How It Works:
12 Steps


2006 Form

2006 Form

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five

Step Six

Step Seven

Step Eight

Step Nine

Step Ten

Step Eleven

Step Twelve


Why It Works:
12 Traditions


Tradition One

Tradition Two

Tradition Three

Tradition Four

Tradition Five

Tradition Six

Tradition Seven

Tradition Eight

Tradition Nine

Tradition Ten

Tradition Eleven

Tradition Twelve


When It Works: 
12 Basics



Principle One

Principle Two

Principle Three

Principle Four

Principle Five

Principle Six

Principle Seven

Principle Eight

Principle Nine

Principle Ten

Principle Eleven
Unconditional Love

Principle Twelve
Sharing and Caring

Group in Connecticut is doing this Section





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The magic of NA unity is clear when we see our desire for recovery reflected in others. When this occurs - we see, we understand, and we are one. This is the strength of our unity.

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Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life, 
Traditions War: a pathway to peace,
The Spirit of NA 
or NA Twenty Plus

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