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N. A. W. O. L.  NEWS

Vol. I, Ed. 7, July, 2008

Lester O. – Phone # (321) 684-5572

 (Please pass this Newsletter on to your friends in recovery and have them contact me if they would like to be on our mailing list.)

NAWOL Letters of Support:

We have been working for almost two decades on this book. And now we have three more books to work on. It is obvious that our method is sound and includes a wide variety of NA members from all over. We know there are many members who support our work and have already been using the new material for purposes of recovery for quite a few years. There have been many emails thanking us and expressing gratitude and joy for the miracle of writing new material in the time honored NA way! 

Of course, there are still many members who have not read the book and think is it somehow out of order for addicts to combine efforts to work a collective 12th Step in this manner. Please send us letters of support by snail or email fit to be displayed on this website. Some members are just freaked out by new writing. They missed out on the 'Book Years' in NA and don't realize we have every right to write. You don't have to get permission from anyone to work your 12th Step. We want to be gentle and loving but firm in our dedication to doing our part to see that the NA message is carried and heard. 

Thanks for all your love and support for "OUR BOOK." -- In Loving Service, Bo S. 

Below is a copy of one of our most recent Letters of Support:

Appleton, WI USA

I wanted to thank the NA Way of Life for adding my story to NA Twenty Plus. I am not a reader or writer. I had left NA for ten years. I had come back and ran across the website and decided to write my story. Not still feeling a part of NA – I did it anyway. I understood the need and cause but I never understood how it would make me feel.

When I found out that my story was published on the website – I dropped to my knees. Wow! Someone just gave me affirmations. I started telling people about the website and I told them its like sharing in a meeting and someone walks up to you and says, “What you had to share helped me allot.”

It’s a warm and loving feeling that maybe I am worth something and I do need to be here. Now the story is being printed in my area newsletter from the NA Way of Life website under Experience, Strength and Hope.

This is a man that does not read or write but now I do read most days. I am currently reading the Tradition Wars at home. I bought a local newspaper and read some of that while I was working. I found it really boring compared to the Tradition Wars. I am hooked on reading NA literature today. I am still in love with NA.

David D.

Updating our mailing list:

Our Mailing list is growing and for many of you all that I have for contact is a single email address and we do not have a clue as to where you are at, State, Country, etc. I would like to be able to contact you in the event that your email gets bounced back which often happens. Also I like keeping in touch with each of you on a regular basis and I have unlimited calling in the US and Canada on my phone.  So I have decided to update our files and would greatly appreciate it if all of you on our mailing list could email me a quick update on your contact info. Including Name, Address, Phone # if applicable, email, possible back up email (for those of you who have more than one addy, please not preference primary, secondary etc).  Feel free to add any comments or Questions about NAWOL. Newsletter Input, Suggestions , etc. Below is form that I developed that can be copied and pasted into an email for this purpose.


NAME: _____________________________  PH. # CELL_________________  HM.________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________      Clean Date_____________________________


____________________________________________     EMAIL (1) _____________________________

____________________________________________     EMAIL (2) _____________________________

COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS: __________________________________________________________











The NA Way of Life:

  1. NEWSLETTER SURVEY:  Would you prefer Newsletter Format in (1) MS Word___ (2) ADOBE PDF__ (3) SNAIL MAIL or (4) Combination___.
  2. Would you be willing to proof read a ch.  of the NA Way of Life Book and correct Punctuation and grammatical errors?  Yes_
  3.  If yes, please list the ch. you would like to proof read.___   No____ 

We need volunteers to proof read and correct punctuation and grammatical errors in the 2008 form of the NA Way of Life. This needs to be done before we can conference the Way of Life Book  for fellowship approval. We currently have people working on Chapter’s 16 & 25  as well as the entire section on Our Principals. Everything else in open.  This should not be too time consuming. Simply copy  & paste the ch to word format then read the chapter marking any errors you find then email it to me.

This form and any and all suggestions can be emailed to me at:  or Ph. (321-684-5572

Home Address: Lester Overstreet / 3717 W. Malory Ct. / Cocoa, FL. 32926
























The following is an excerpt taken from The NA Way of Life Chapter # 1 The NA Society

The NA Society has existed since addicts first started to meet on a regular basis and live the 12 Steps within the spirit of the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous. Our members have always provided the 
personal services that characterize our Society. We find our ‘trusted servants’ from within this Society. Our trusted servants function in order to ensure that our needs as a Fellowship are met. While a primary precept of the NA Society is inclusion for all, individuals always retain the freedom to remove themselves. No one is forced to do anything. We carry the NA message of hope and recovery to all who seek it.

We have functioned in the service structure beginning in the 1950's, spreading in the early 1970's and exploding into large numbers in the 1980's. Some parts of the existing structure have worked well, while other areas have had major problems. No service structure can meet all of our needs. In the attempt to meet more of our needs we should understand and pass on that service is not only fulfilled in the formal sense, but in the informal sense as well. In addition, we do not have to agree on all issues in order to serve in our society. 

As members of NA, we have the rights of membership. These rights include receiving accurate information from all members of our service structure and the right to question this information. We can attend all recovery meetings regardless of our personal beliefs, background, or how we choose to express our program. We can start a meeting. We have the right to carry the message of recovery according to our own conscience. These rights are taken lightly. They are somewhat exceptional as organizations go because we do no testing and issue no certificates of membership. Whether we are formally voted into service by a body of members or not, we can still be part of our service structure. Members who show up at fund-raisers are an example of this non-structural, informal support. Any activities that service committees undertake remain totally dependent on the support from the members of the Fellowship. As members of the NA Society we are involved in the voluntary service structure, never forgetting that we provide the energy and love that is needed to make this work. This is why we focus on serving the Fellowship, instead of members serving the service structure. 

A Note from our Introduction:

Introductions are supposed to explain how to utilize or benefit from a book, so we are at a curious juncture. To benefit from this book, we must first write it! We want to share our experience through writing for the Fellowship and make an important point: that it can be done and that we can do it.

Please help us finish this project so that we may advance to our other projects.  We need volunteers to edit punctuation and grammatical errors.  Pick a chapter copy it, make corrections and email it either to me or to

Other News:

Just a quick note a very loved and respected member Mark Little aka. Mark L. Died Tuesday at St Mary's hospital in Knoxville of a heart attack. He was probably the smartest recovering addict I've known in my 26 years       services Saturday if your interested contact me      

Chris W. 

Mark H. Little



LITTLE, MARK H. - age 52 of Knoxville, passed away June 17, 2008. He was a member of the Sons of the Revolution. Survived by his wife, Elaine Kiser; daughters, Ashley Little and Brittany Little; son, Justin Little; niece, Kristy Oliver; father, Hugh Little; step-mother, Carlton Little; sister, Rebecca Oliver and ex-wife, Debbie Little. A memorial service will be held Saturday at 8 pm in the Fountain City Chapel of Mynatt Funeral Home. Memorials may be made to the Mark Little Memorial Fund at Ijams Nature Center or to potted flowers for the service. The family will receive friends Saturday from 6-8 pm at Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City.

Published in the Knoxville News Sentinel on 6/20/2008.

 NAWOL Clean time Anniversaries for July:

Lester O.  / July 2 / 22 yrs.

Bo S. / July 10 / 34 yrs

Gail G. / July 15 / 19 yrs

New   W. O. L. F.  Group Meeting:

Bo. S just informed me that there is a new NA Way of Life Group stating in Jacksonville.

The name of the group, the time and location of meeting will be announced later and added to our meeting list on the website  .

Thank you all for allowing me to be of Service.  As always I can be reached at the address below  

Lester Overstreet 
3717 W Malory Ct. 
Cocoa, Fl.  32926                                

Ph. # (321) 684-5572

On the next page you will find an Open Letter to the Fellowship that I composed one day after having a lengthy discussion with my sponsor.  It is my belief that its content is something that can help us all in carrying our message of recovery to the addict still suffering addict.

Yours in Loving Service,

Lester O.

 Some related and non-related thoughts concerning the Art of Communication.

Throughout my years in Recovery in NA I have observed the splintering of our fellowship into factions our groups. Pro NAWS, Anti NAWS, Traditionalist, and Purest to name a few. These different factions seem to be centered around a core group of recovering addicts with like-minded thinking.

One of the outcomes of this that I have noticed is that as these groups grow in size and numbers, quite often a breakdown in communication develops within our fellowship. This in turn often generates mistrust, and resentments amongst ourselves eventually creating a division within our fellowship that is based more on exclusiveness than one of inclusiveness. How can this be mended? How can we as a fellowship get back on the same page? How can we as a fellowship recapture our focus on our primary purpose?

Something that I have recently become aware of that seems to be directly in front of me on my path to recovery is the need to explore various methods of communication and to

Hone my abilities to successfully communicate with others if I am to truly do my part in fore filling our primary purpose.

My sponsor talks a lot about how we are all at different points on a learning curve and has pointed out that trying to communicate with someone who is not where you are at can often be similar to butting your head against a wall if we try communicating at a different level other than where they are at. This brings to mind what a friend once told me about a method of communication called “Talking In Pictures”   One definition that was given to me was that it was a form of communication in which you give someone just enough information to allow them to come to their own conclusions (paint their own picture) rather than painting the picture for them. I have since discovered that when this is utilized they often will paint the same picture that you would have, but it has now become their idea and is met with less hostility. Another definition that I found on the web described a method of doing this as using more words in order to be more descriptive and referring to objects and concepts that are familiar to participants.  I particularly like the part about making it familiar to participants.

Something else that my sponsor has helped me to become aware of is the importance of active listening. If someone feels that you are not listening to what they have to say. They may become much more likely to shut you off entirely and not listen to what you may have to say, thus ending all prospects of communication at least for the time being. 

One of the first things that attracted me to NAWOL was when I first looked at The NA Way of Life index. What I saw was list of topics that seemed to cover all the questions that had come up at various times in my recovery, questions about Spirituality and Personal  Recovery, questions about Emotional pain , life threatening illnesses , relationships, sex, employment, you name it, it was all there.  A friend of mine once described the NA Way of Life as being the more part of the statement more will be revealed.

We may be a worldwide group but we are still not mainstream NA and it is after-all the members of the fellowship of NA, the addict just finding out about recovery from active addiction as well as the seasoned member who be not be feeling a part of, or the member who may be at a turning point in their recovery that we want out Literature to reach. It was for the NA member that the NA Way of Life was written. We have our book. Now all we need to do is clean it up a little and distribute it. My sponsor tells me that God already has a plan and that we are a part of that plan. I believe this. We need to communicate our recovery if we are to effectively share it with others.

Lester O. 

The magic of NA unity is clear when we see our desire for recovery reflected in others. When this occurs - we see, we understand, and we are one. This is the strength of our unity.

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Reprinted from the 
Narcotics Anonymous Way of Life, 
Traditions War: a pathway to peace,
The Spirit of NA 
or NA Twenty Plus

being edited on this site.

Copyright © December 1998
Victor Hugo Sewell, Jr.

NA Foundation Group
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